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Topic Reading-Vol.2210-4/30/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
One skill to make you type a lot faster
How much time do you usually spend on typing keyboard? As searches and inputs can be done by simply touching to choose from options, or by speaking to the smartphone or AI speaker, the need for typing seems to have become less essential to our daily lives. However, when you write an essay or to create a report, you can’t simply copy and paste texts from somewhere.
Then a few questions arise. How fast should you be able to type? Do you need to master touch typing, a method to type without using the sense of sight to find keys? Should you always type the same character with the same finger? Is rollover typing, a method to type the next key before the previous one is released, an essential skill for fast typing?
Enjoy reading and learn various aspects and benefits of typing.

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