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Topic Reading-Vol.2188-4/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Here's a new reason why eating out might be bad for your health
Sugar, salt, fat and now what?
Phthalate is a substance added to plastics to make the material more flexible, transparent, durable and long-lasting. It is used in plastic gloves, commonly used in food processing factories and fast food restaurants, and plastic bags for packaging. A new study found that the substance is harmful to your health. Consumption of phthalate leads to birth defects, behavioral problems, obesity, and infertility. Researchers suggest that you eat at home more because home cooking has less exposure to or consumption of the chemical, provided that the food isn’t already-prepared one and packed in a plastic container.
Sounds very annoying, isn’t it? How can you avoid food or drink that is NOT packaged in plastic in your daily life?
What about Vada Pav (Vol.2186), a popular fried potato burger prepared and sold by street vendors in India? No or little container seems to be used in the cooking or wrapping process as the sandwich is simply prepared by his bare hands and served in old newspaper.
Enjoy reading the article and think which should be concerned more, phthalate or hygiene.

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