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Topic Reading-Vol.2363-9/30/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Dunkin' Donuts is officially dropping 'Donuts'
Have you had any doughnuts or coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts? It is an American, and also global doughnuts chain founded a few years after WWII in Massachusetts, USA. They now sell doughnuts, baked goods and a variety of beverages at their 12,000 restaurants in 36 countries.
Despite their original iconic sweets, over half of their business in their home market is now generated by beverages, especially coffee. Therefore, they’ve decided to drop the “Donuts” icon from their logo, signages, and packages from next year.
Will that sells more profitable beverages or makes their drinks face direct competition against Starbucks or McDonald’s?
At any rate, it may take a few decades for their customers to say, “Oh, there are doughnuts in the coffee shop.” It may remind you of the same action Apple took in 2007 to remove “computer” from its name. Because of their iPhone and iPad, very few now associate Apple with a computer.
By the way, if you have a choice, which doughnuts would you prefer, Dunkin’s or Mister Donuts? Whichever you choose, the money you’ve paid will go to the same pocket. Yes, both donut chains are owned by the same company!
Enjoy reading and think what makes you choose your coffee when you are on the road, the brand, taste/flavor, location or price.


Topic Reading-Vol.2362-9/29/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Large-scale wind and solar power 'could green the Sahara'
Generating renewable energy in the Sahara. This sounds bold enough, but it could also green the desert. Why?
Though the Sahara isn’t so populated or industrialized, it is close to Europe and the Middle East where a substantial amount of energy is consumed. And these markets are desperate to switch from conventional power generators to renewable energies. So, installing solar panels and wind turbines in the sunny and windy desert makes perfect sense.
But researchers have recently found a surprising byproduct by these clean-power generators in the desert. These solar panels and wind turbines could increase precipitation in the dry desert to the level that allows vegetation to grow on the surface.
How could that be possible?
Enjoy reading and learning what renewable energy devices could to the environment.


Topic Reading-Vol.2361-9/28/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Watch a Gulper Eel Inflate and Deflate Itself, Shocking Scientists
Interestingly, what the title says and the video shows are quite different. In the video, you’ll see an inflating object whose shape alters so flexibly that you can hardly tell what the creature is. At one point, its jaw widens so much that it looks as if an open mouth is dancing in the water. But at the end, you’ll find what this mysterious creature originally is.
Enjoy watching this rare video footage taken in the deep sea.


Topic Reading-Vol.2360-9/27/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
A trick to learning when to cut your losses
Continue or change doing something that hasn’t been working. You’ve been asking yourself this question again and again but have been unable to change the course, or more foolishly, have spent more time and/or money on it. You’re trapped. Gambling, financial investment, or a worn-out shirt which will never look any better no matter how hard you wash and iron it only to name a few. This common phenomenon among most people, companies or governments is called “chasing your losses,” or “sunk cost fallacy.”
What drives such unjustifiable decisions not to change? Is that optimism for the future or investment already made in the past? Is there any way to avoid such a trap?
Enjoy reading and think about the situations that you chased your losses.


Topic Reading-Vol.2359-9/26/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
How China's GPS 'rival' Beidou is plotting to go global
Your smartphone knows where you are so that it can show you on the map, guide you to the desired place, or recommend a place to visit. That convenience is provided by the GPS, Global Positioning System, navigation system’s receiver installed in your smartphone. It receives information from GPS satellites and then calculates the geographical position. There are three globally servicing systems, the US’s GPS, the EU’s Galileo, and Russia’s Glonass, each system has 32, 30, and 26 satellites respectively that cover the globe. They were originally built for military and aviation purposes, but the US government has been allowing the system to be used for other purposes. Though there has been no such event that the system became unavailable or dysfunctional, it is still possible that the system could be suspended in certain areas or the whole world, or for civilian uses, should the US decide to.
That’s why China has been developing its own global positioning system of their own, which is going to cover the entire globe by 2020. And they are going to promote their system to the world.
Enjoy reading and learn how China is seriously trying not to depend on its archrival.


Topic Reading-Vol.2358-9/25/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
How do you decaffeinate coffee?
How do you take your coffee, if you do, black, white, with or without sugar? But before this question, you should be asked regular or decaf.
Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee, tea, cola, and other products. It stimulates the central nervous system, heart, muscles, and even blood pressure, and also increases urine flow. Therefore, drinking regular coffee before bedtime is likely to disturb your sleep. These are the reasons some people take decaffeinated coffee, especially at night.
But do you have any clue how coffee is decaffeinated? Does that process take place before or after the roasting process? How is coffee decaffeinated without spoiling the original flavor and taste of the coffee? In fact, there are several ways to remove caffeine from coffee.
Should decaf-drinkers be given options as to how the coffee is decaffeinated?
Enjoy reading the article and think about how you want to take your next coffee.


Topic Reading-Vol.2357-9/24/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Inside the cockpit of an Airbus A220
Do you want to know how pilots fly an airplane? Here is a tour of the flight deck of the brand-new Airbus A220-300. This relatively small passenger aircraft is fully controlled digitally. There are no longer round dial instruments in the cockpit. Instead, digital screens show all the information needed to plan, fly and land the aircraft. You may also notice that there are no control sticks seen in front of the pilots’ seats. Instead, there are side-sticks on the side of the seats, one on the left for the captain and the other on the right for the co-pilot.
Are those side-sticks easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed pilots?
Enjoy watching the video tour of the latest flight deck.


Topic Reading-Vol.2356-9/23/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop'
Making a lot of money is surely a dream for many. But once the dream came true, how the money should be used? Just spending the money on luxuries, such as a gorgeous house, fancy cars, brand clothes, and grummet meals might not be enough to satisfy the rising quest for more. One might seek extraordinary experiences while others engage in philanthropy. Some people invest the money to create new things and others use it to inspire entrepreneurs or artists.
A Japanese billionaire has chosen to do a few things at once by buying an extraordinary ticket, to the moon. Although the vehicle hasn’t been built or tested yet, he committed to charter the rocket to make a trip to the moon a few years from now. He also offers free seats to artists who would dare to risk traveling the space. In return, they are only asked to create something after the trip, if they can return safely of course.
Though the ticket price hasn’t been disclosed yet, it must be high enough to charter a maiden voyage of the first commercial spacecraft to the moon.
Enjoy reading and think if he and his companions could get travel insurance.


Topic Reading-Vol.2355-9/22/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Prince William mixes up Japan and China in latest royal gaffe
Another high-profile gaffe by a British official. Just two months after the foreign secretary accidentally called his Chinese wife Japanese during his first official visit to China, Prince William asked students "Have you guys had much Chinese food?" during his official appearance at the opening of the Japan House cultural center in London.
Both countries must have been annoyed by such mishaps at their sites. Though China and Japan lie on the other side of the planet geographically from Europe, the two countries are distinctly different like in their languages, cultures, and histories. Also, although they share some Chinese characters in writing, their characters are as different as Russians and British.
Do British ever confuse their former colonies, such as New Zealand and Australia, India and Pakistan, or Canada and the U.S. even though they are located next to each other and share much more similar cultures than the ones of China and Japan?
Enjoy reading and think if Asians distinguish Britain and France as much as Europeans do to China and Japan.


Topic Reading-Vol.2354-9/21/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The race to make the world's most powerful computer ever
As quantum computing are becoming available, even today’s fastest computers are being categorized as conventional, just like the most powerful bomb is compared with a nuclear weapon.
Quantum computing uses quantum bits, or 'qubits,' instead of the ordinary bit that only represents either 1 or 0.
Since these qubits can store much more information than just one or the other, Quantum computers can compute tasks much faster with much less energy than conventional computers, just like going down each path of a very complex maze at the same time instead of checking each path at a time. They are expected to help discover new medicine, design materials, model climate change, supercharge artificial intelligence, and even crack or build complex security systems much faster.
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But because of the complex nature, quantum computers are hard to build. So, for now, there is no one best way to build one.
Enjoy reading and watching the videos to learn what quantum computing is like.


Topic Reading-Vol.2353-9/20/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Beijing, Moscow vow to reinforce military relations, combat abilities
Today’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend.
China and then the Soviet Union engaged in a military conflict over a small island on the Ussuri (Wusuli) River in 1969. The two communist states were on the brink of war at a time when nuclear weapons were readily used. Half a century later, the two forces jointly concluded the "Vostok-2018" strategic military drills and a parade with over 300,000 troops to demonstrate their determination to secure regional peace and security.
That sounds like a good move for them. Since the two mighty nations share a border that stretches as long as 4,000km, they can shift their attention to other borders if they foster an alliance. But what had triggered them to demonstrate such a large-scale military event? Is there any country in “the region” that would dare to threaten the security of either country?
Enjoy reading and think if one can learn from “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” proverb.


Topic Reading-Vol.2352-9/19/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How Crete changed the course of World War II?
How much do you know about Crete, Greece? It was once the center of the Minoan civilization back in 28th to 15th BCE, the earliest civilization in Europe, where the palace of Knossos lay.
Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating it from the Libyan Sea. So, it poses considerable geographical and strategic significance during wartime despite the relatively small population and economy. In fact, during World War II, the island was invaded by a large number of Nazis German troops. Although allied forces gave up fighting against the mighty Germans and withdrew from the island, the islanders continued to resist the invader s so fiercely and determinedly until the end of the war that some believe that it deterred the powerful German military from advancing to Soviet.
Because of the battle during the four-year period from the invasion in 1941 until the war ended, there still are numbers of remains of bodies, weapons, and personal items, such as helmets or gravity knives still waiting to be found. There are enthusiastic collectors in the island who want to keep those war-time remains to remember the island’s history and also to show them to generations to come.
History continues.
Enjoy reading and think about the role of history.


Topic Reading-Vol.2351-9/18/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
When a pet dies, should you be allowed to time off work?
Bereavement leave for pets is not so common in most workplaces at least for now. However, as pets become more popular and intimate to the owner and family, the psychological impact of its death seems to have become no less significant than that of a close friend or even a family member. That doesn’t sound so surprising as the family size is shrinking, meaning there are fewer members in each family.
But should a pet owner be given the same benefits, such as bereavement or a “fur-ternity leave” when a new pet arrives? The employee who gets such benefits or consideration will certainly appreciate it greatly and be inspired to contribute more to the company in return. The employer, either the HR manager or the boss, may have to struggle to balance the give and take as well as the influence on other workers. So, for a workplace where employees productivity matters the most, such consideration may be worth considering.
But where should they draw a line between a close family or personal pet and just an animal, bird, fish or reptile?
Enjoy reading and think if you support a leave of bereavement or fur-ternity for a pet in your workplace.


Topic Reading-Vol.2350-9/17/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
We can drink from enormous lakes in the air
Clean drinkable water is a scarce resource for the growing population on our planet. There are hundreds of millions of people who have no access to clean water on a regular basis. Those who can afford to drink bottled water while the poor rely on whatever they can drink, which could be contaminated or unpurified. As a result, many are losing their lives or health because of cholera and diarrhea especially in South Asia and Africa where the populations are expected to increase despite the water shortage.
However, there is plenty of clean water available for most of the places on earth. Air. Water can be taken from the air by adapting dehumidifier technologies. Such devices, materials or structures are called water from the air, or WFA. Though there are some pros and cons of each technology, more innovative, efficient, and practical technologies are on the rise.
Enjoy reading and learn a few ways to get water from the air.


Topic Reading-Vol.2349-9/16/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How much is academic achievement shaped by genes
How well did you do in exams in your school days? You might have done better on certain subjects than others or not as good as in certain times as other times. Then, which do you think influences more on academic performance, genetic or environmental factors, besides the effort, which could also be part of the two factors?
A study of 6,000 pairs of British twins shows that genes play a significant role to children’s test scores while environmental factors like school, teachers, friends and family influences proportionally over the course of childhood and adolescence.
Is this finding encouraging or not?
Enjoy reading and learn what genes do to test scores.


Topic Reading-Vol.2348-9/15/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What’s driving the rise of McVegan burger
Vegan are people who avoid taking any meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Vegetarians live on a diet of grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, with or without dairy products like cheese or butter, honey and/or eggs. Semi-vegetarians, or Flexitarians, usually eat plant-based foods but occasionally eat meat.
The number of people who prefer eating non-meat foods has been on the rise recently for health or conscience reason. Accordingly, the sale of vegan foods has been greatly increasing. But for those who converted their eating habit to consume meat never or occasionally, the taste and flavor of meat is hard to forget. There is no wonder the world largest meat sandwich seller, McDonald’s came up with a cruelty-free burger, called the McVegan in Sweden where one in every five under-30 youngsters avoids eating meat.
Would you like to try that? Then you may want to get a ticket to Stockholm, or Delhi where vegetable sandwiches are regularly on the menu at McDonald’s restaurants.
Enjoy reading the article and think if people eat a burger because it’s made with a beef patty.


Topic Reading-Vol.2347-9/14/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
North Korea holds parade without ballistic missiles, reports say
Officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea lies in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, bordering with South Korea at the 38th parallel north in the south and China and Russia in the north. While the population of North Korea is just around 25 million, about half of South Korea, the estimated number of active military personnel is approximately one million, the forth largest in the world. In a country where there are no effective political elections, human rights or free media, show-off of its military power and commitment and loyalty to the absolute leader is essential to inspire unity and patriotism. Also, the military parade has been one of few opportunities for outsiders to learn about the intentions of the secretive country. Last year, they proudly showed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), or their look-alikes in the parade. It was a clear message to the world, especially to the US, that they are capable of attack their enemy with the ultimate weapon.
So, what about this year’s parade after having a top meeting with the US president for denuclearization?
Enjoy reading the article and seeing the video of their annual parade.


Topic Reading-Vol.2346-9/13/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Burberry bans destroying unsold goods and using fur
Founded in 1856, Burberry is a British fashion house headquartered in London. They sell the iconic trench coats, outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and cosmetics at 500 locations worldwide.
It is customary for such luxurious fashion brands to destroy unsold items to keep their brand value. That’s why you don’t usually find discounted goods of such top brands either at outlet stores or online. But “destroying” could cause environmental problems whether those unwanted merchandises are burnt or buried as they are usually made with different materials, such as wool, leather, metal or plastic.
So, the prominent fashion brand has decided not to destroy unsold merchandises any longer. Does it mean you’ll have a chance to find clearance sale signs or ads of Burberry?
Enjoy reading and learn the progressive move of this traditional fashion brand.


Topic Reading-Vol.2345-9/12/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Giant plastic catcher heads for Pacific Ocean clean-up
Collecting already-floating plastic waste in the sea may not be the best solution to protect the marine environment. There is no doubt that more efforts should be taken to prevent such waste from being disposed of. However, if such plastic wastes, straws, bottles, and bags, are not collected, they are broken into smaller pieces and eaten or swallowed by marine creatures and circulated in the food chain. Indeed, plastic waste is really harmful to the environment and must be removed even at some cost and with some risks.
A Dutch teenager became determined to clean the ocean after he saw more plastic than fish in Greece’s beautiful sea. His ambition was supported by the Dutch government, enterprises, and investors and became reality. A non-profit organization created a 600-meter long tube that floats in a giant U-shape and catches plastic by a screen that hangs down three meters. The collected plastic will be shipped back to land to be recycled. The plan also includes using the recycled plastic material to make “made from ocean plastic” and sell at a premium price.
Is such a passive approach counterproductive to reduce plastic waste?
Enjoy reading and think how much premium you would pay for the recycled plastic to support this ambitious initiative.


Topic Reading-Vol.2344-9/11/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Why becoming more argumentative will make you smarter
Do you like arguing, not to speak angrily to others but to give reasons why you think differently or disagree? When you express your opinion, propose an idea, or present a plan or findings, do you want to hear just applauds or counter-arguments that could help you find flaws or points for improvement? No matter how smart and thoughtful a person is, he or she can’t always come up with the best solutions. Actually, one may find themselves better at assessing or contesting others’ arguments. Indeed, being objectively critical of oneself is hard to achieve. Also, having a diversity of ideas helps one and the team become more productive because one can’t have broader perspectives than many.
So, getting along well in a workplace or a team is essential not only by being nice to others but also being critical and argumentative with others.
Enjoy reading and think if you can be productively argumentative with your colleagues or teammates.


Topic Reading-Vol.2343-9/10/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Didi upgrades panic button and adds audio recording after riders killed
It took two victims for this ride-sharing giant in China to promise to prioritize safety over growth.
Founded in 2012, Didi Chuxing Technology Co., 滴滴出行, is the world leading ride-sharing company providing transportation services for 550 million users across over 400 cities, including taxi hailing, private car-hailing, Hitch (social ride-sharing), and other transportation sharing and food delivery to users in China via a smartphone application.
In less than four months, two female passengers were sexually attacked and murdered by the company’s drivers. Despite the repeated apologies, the company has been severely criticized by social media users and under public pressure to take immediate, effective actions.
So, the company has announced various measures to improve safety for both passengers and drivers, such as an emergency button, recording during the ride, daily facial recognition protocol and safety knowledge test for all the drivers.
Where safety regulations aren’t mandated by law, only public eyes and voices seem to enforce money-chasing companies to take safety measures.
Enjoy reading and think if these measures ensure safety for all users of ride-sharing services.


Topic Reading-Vol.2342-9/9/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary
The Republic of Botswana locates north of South Africa. The nation has been democratically governed since its establishment about 50 years ago and perceived least corrupted ranking in Africa for the last two decades. It has diverse areas of wildlife habitat in the delta, desert areas, grasslands, and savannas.
While the rest of the continent has seen a drastic decrease in the wild elephant population due to poaching for ivory, Botswana has been regarded as their last sanctuary with 130,000 elephants because of the tight protection by their armed and well-managed anti-poaching units.
However, all of a sudden, the anti-poaching units were disarmed in May this year when the new president took the office. Now can you imagine what has been happening to the elephants?
Read the article and learn what a single decision could threaten the conservation of endangered wildlife spices.


Topic Reading-Vol.2341-9/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Google's DeepMind AI can accurately detect 50 types of eye disease just by looking at scans
DeepMind seems to like black and white, whether on a go board or in person’s eyes.
In May 2017, DeepMind’s proud AI go playing algorithm AlphaGo beat Ke Jie, the world No.1 ranked player at the time, in a three-game match. Only six month-or-so later, AlphaGo Zero, a version created without using data from human games, surpassed any preceding AlphaGo versions only by playing games against itself. This means DeepMind’s AI algorithms can learn and solve certain problems better than collective and cumulative human ingenuity.
Now, the Google’s AI arm has announced that its algorithm can identify about 50 eye diseases by looking at retinal eye scans almost as well as expert clinicians do. Furthermore, it is capable of making recommendations for treatment. This means that the algorithm could help eye doctors diagnose patients and provide appropriate cares to them much faster than now because the number of experienced eye doctors is limited.
It seems that DeepMind is stepping out of competition against humans and heading for cooperation with humans.
Enjoy reading and learn what AI could do now and in the future.


Topic Reading-Vol.2340-9/7/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The secret of gua bao: The Taiwanese street food taking over the world
What’s gua bao? It is a kind of Taiwanese street food that consists of a clam-shaped white steamed bun called bao, a slice of braised pork, pickled mustard greens, coriander and ground peanuts. It is also known as steamed bao or Taiwanese Hamburger, or could referred to as Taiwanese version of the Taco, another world popular spicy Mexican sandwich.
One busy street shop in Taiwan sells 3,000 gua baos a day, which means about five gua baos in every minute. And its popularity has spread across the oceans to New York and London.
Enjoy reading the text and seeing the photos of this popular snack and think if you want to try a bite.


Topic Reading-Vol.2339-9/6/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What makes chocolate chip cookies so addictive?
The chocolate chip cookie was invented by an American chef eight decades ago. It is one of the most beloved sweets in America. Its main ingredients are no different from other kinds of cookies; shortening, flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, and vanilla, but adds nuts, oatmeal, and of course chocolate chips. A touch of salt is also added to enhance the sweetness. There are numbers of variations in the recipe and styles for chocolate cookies, such as chewy, soft, or crispy cookies, and bitter or milky chocolate chips. Also, some people prefer eating warmed cookies to enjoy melt chocolate.
Whichever the preference is, the cookie seems to have addictive ingredients and characters for Americans, along with a strong connection to their childhood.
Enjoy reading what makes chocolate chip cookies so popular among Americans.


Topic Reading-Vol.2338-9/5/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Technology is changing the way you see a doctor, but is that good for your health?
Humans or technology? It isn’t an issue of choosing one or the other when it comes to diagnose a patient and provide proper care and prescription. In fact, technology overperformed humans to give initial diagnoses in certain areas. When talking about continuity, machines could accumulate historical data of a patient in all areas, not limited to the specialty or lifespan of a certain doctor. Also, when a new disease or cure is found in another area of the world, that information could be factored into the diagnosis, which can not easily or universally be done by human doctors. In the meantime, humans can focus on providing essential services such as consultations and practices. All in all, it seems that if humans try to improve and work better with machines, they will, in turn, help humans more efficiently and properly. Isn’t that what humans have been doing since the first Industrial Revolution a few centuries ago?
Enjoy reading and sense the occurrence of a medical revolution.


Topic Reading-Vol.2337-9/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
China targets video gaming to tackle myopia in children
Video games are to blame for myopia. Looking intensely at a tiny display of the smartphone for hours, mobile gaming has been viewed as one of the most likely causes of nearsightedness among young children in China, the world largest gaming market. The world most populous country has over 500 million visually impaired citizens, nearly half the population over K-1 students. And China is quick to act on solving critical problems, drastically and thoroughly. Now, the authorities have started limiting the number of new online games, playing time, and restricting the age of players. In fact, a newly released world top-selling game title, Monster Hunter World, was removed from the online shelves. The shares of the developer, Tencent, the fifth most valued company in the world, and other game developers plumped in a few days. Now they have left no choice but to look for the international market.
What about cram schools that make children stare at textbooks for long hours every day?
Enjoy reading the article and think if the time to study also should be limited like games.

Also, here is a China Daily's article about the Chinese government initiatives.
Give our children a 'bright future'


Topic Reading-Vol.2336-9/3/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The dangers of eating raw fish
If you don’t eat raw or undercooked seafood, such as sushi or oysters, you may not need to worry about this article. If you do, however, it may be worth checking this out.
A Korean man was amputated his forearm because of an infection after eating raw seafood. The infection was caused by a bacterium often found in coastal ocean water. Symptoms of this kind of infection are watery diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills. Though patients of such infection don’t usually require medical treatment, quite a few cases are reported each year even in the US where meat is king. Also, there are risks for getting parasites and salmonella bacteria when uncooked seafood is eaten.
To avoid such risk of illness, it is recommended to heat seafood before eating.
Would you dare to eat heated sushi or “raw-oyster”?
Enjoy reading and learn the risks of eating uncooked seafood.


Topic Reading-Vol.2335-9/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Which country has the most expensive education?
In many countries around the world, tomorrow is the day students begin or go back to school. It is the day they start a new school year or term. How much parents of students spend on their child’s back-to-school necessities varies widely by country. American parents spend whopping $685 on average. But that’s just part of the total spending on education. The combined expenses to have a child finish primary to undergraduate school, including class fees, books, transport, and accommodation range widely from France’s $16,000 to Hong Kong’s $131,000.
Another big difference is how much time students spend in school. While primary students in Russia spend just over 500 hours a year, those in Denmark stay around 1,000 hours in class.
Also, Australians spend 22.9 years on average from primary school to college. That’s a very long school life expectancy, isn’t it?
The question is how these differences in time and spending on school make a difference in their lives.
Enjoy reading and learn differences in education among developed countries.


Topic Reading-Vol.2334-9/1/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Dubai's racing to build the world's first hyperloop
Hyperloop? It is a mag-lev, magnetically levitating, vehicle that travels in a sealed tube. Since it travels free of, or with much less air resistance and friction, the speed could reach as fast as a passenger plane. It is suitable to transport passengers or objects between distant places like between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Helsinki and Stockholm under the Baltic Sea. Another proposed routes in the Arabian Peninsula is to link Dubai with the greater United Arab Emirates.
Though the hyperloop concepts sound like solving problems like air pollution and congestions at a speed of a jetliner, there are questions about its technological and financial feasibilities to build and operate such a costly transportation infrastructure where there are other alternatives already in use.
Enjoy watching the video to learn what the Hyperloop concept is like.