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Topic Reading-Vol.2184-4/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Smart Homes for Dogs
Do you have a pet dog? Whether you do or not, here is something you may want to check. Smart kennel. While you enjoy the convenience and benefits of modern technologies, such as smartphone and apps, most pet dogs are left home alone while you are out working, doing things needed, or having fun. They don’t have so much to do during such a time but to sleep, in some cases nearly all-day long. It is unprotected, vulnerable and stressful time for any dog. Is there any device or technology that pleases the left-alone dog?
Yes. Just like your smart-home, there is a dog house that provides comforts such as a fan and mind-healing music. Also, there is a house that features an auto-feeder and water supplier. Another device is a remote camera with a speaker and microphone that enables visual and audio contact with the dog from anywhere in the world.
Does a dog like to be spoken or awaken by a speaker? Can a dog identify its master through a speaker?
Enjoy reading the article and watching the advert videos about smart dog houses.

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