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Topic Reading-Vol.2199-4/19/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Experts warn Europe: Don't grant robots rights
A robot is a machine that carries out a series of actions automatically. Most robots are designed to perform a task, such as industrial robots, medical operating robots, patient assist robots or delivery robots. Some robots are created to perform tasks autonomously like auto-driving, and others are constructed to look like humans and take on tasks such as reception robots in a Japanese hotel chain.
Now, European legislators are considering whether to grant rights and responsibilities to intelligent robots that do tasks autonomously. They think granting legal status to sophisticated autonomous robots makes them responsible for any damage they may cause. Sounds like a progressive move towards a co-existing society between humans and robots, doesn’t it? However, experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, law, medical science, and ethics warn that such status would allow manufacturers, programmers and owners to waive the liability of their robots they create or use.
Just like autonomous driving cars, who is responsible for an accident?
Enjoy reading and think of a world where robots take on half of the tasks that humans do now.

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