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Topic Reading-Vol.2211-5/1/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Meet the new Gmail, now with disappearing messages
Do you still write or read emails? As smartphone-friendly messaging tools like WhatsApp and WeChat are becoming more dominant in both private and business communication, the number of active email users seems to have been declining. But it is still used to communicate with billions of people across the world and device.
Now, Google has announced a major upgrade in its proud Gmail, which has1.4 billion active users a month. One of the notable upgrades is disappearing messages, a popular feature in secure chatting apps. It will allow the sender to opt for the confidential mode to make a message to expire in a chosen period ranging from a day to five years. Also, a Gmail in confidential mode may not be read without a password sent separately, or forwarded, copied, or printed depending on the setting. Other notable features include reminder and snoozer.
Interested to find out more?
Enjoy reading the text and introductory video and think if the new features make Gmail more user-friendly and convenient than the one you use.

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