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Topic Reading-Vol.2201-4/21/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Altered faces are dominating China's selfie industry
Taking selfie photos and posting them on SNS is no more different from writing comments these days. In fact, many young Chinese are so selfie-obsessed that they post their own photos on SNS to be social. Now, there are apps to help those who want to show socially well-perceived photos on SNS. Those smartphone apps allow users to edit their selfie photos to make them look in a way they want. They can enhance, highlight or delete the part of the facial features like a professional photo editor does. Which is easier and surer to make one look nicer, doing make-up or editing photos, or both? It sounds like using an avatar in a virtual reality game. Is SNS an augmented reality or virtual reality? In any case, it seems that new social practices are being created as new smartphone apps become popular these days.
Enjoy watching the video and think if you want to enhance the face value by your smartphone.

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