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Topic Reading-Vol.2185-4/5/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Prince Laurent: €46,000 blow for Belgium's 'cursed prince'
What is it like to be a prince whose brother is the king? Not bad. A royal status without a king’s obligations, public attention, or time restriction.
Prince Laurent of Belgium is the second son of King Albert II and Queen Paola, and younger brother of King Philippe. The 54-year-old prince is 12th in the Belgian line of succession, practically no hope to ascend the throne.
Despite a lengthy emotional letter to the Belgian parliament, his endowment was cut by 15% by the parliament after he showed up at a Chinese diplomatic function in full military uniform without the consent of the government. The animal-loving prince claims that the endowment is the only source of income for him and his family because he is unable to work for a living as a royal. His annual allowance is now £270,000, roughly $378,000. Will that be enough for a family of a prince and four princesses to live a royal life?
Enjoy reading and think what the life of a royal family is like.

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