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Topic Reading-Vol.2181-4/1/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The drone that drops lunch on your desk
The dabbawalas is India’s lunch delivery system from homes and restaurants to people at work. The food is prepared by meal suppliers or at home, put into a reusable lunch box, then delivered by a dabbawalla using a bicycle or railway trains. After the meal is eaten, the empty lunch box is picked up by the delivery man. The system seems quite ecological compared with the fast-growing food delivery system in other countries, especially China, that uses plastic or paper for container and motorcycles for delivery.  
Indeed, many workers in India are accustomed to this two-century-old lunch delivery service, especially in busy Mumbai. This means there is a huge demand for food delivery. In order to meet the demand, a new way of food delivery is arising. Unmanned Arial Vehicle, UAV, or more known as the drone. Sounds quite progressive in a market where food is delivered by a man on foot or on a bicycle, but considering the congested streets and trains, open air might be a good alternative route for daily delivery.
Enjoy seeing the video and think which delivery you would prefer for your lunch, by a human or a drone.

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