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Topic Reading-Vol.2183-4/3/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Guangzhou opens unmanned 'car vending machine'
Another innovative service for smartphone users. China is famous as the world most advanced mobile payment society. People shop and pay by their smartphones, and businesses make transactions on mobile payment platforms. This time, a brand-new car can be test driven from a vending machine through a completely human-free process. You just need to apply for a test drive of a car of your choice. Your application is instantly approved or disapproved by the online credit scoring system. If your credit score exceeds a certain point, you could test drive a car free of charge. Throughout the process, no human is involved. Sounds like as easy as a bike-sharing service.
The credit scoring system is called Sesame Credit. It is a personal credit scoring system provided by Alibaba’s financial service arm. Users of Alipay are rated based on a variety of factors, such as social media interactions, purchases at Alibaba’s websites, payment through Alipay. A high scorer earns a higher credit limit, better interest rate, and easier access to various services including the car vending machine. It has already regarded one of the person’s credentials, such as the educational records, job, and salary.
Enjoy reading and learning about this unmanned service innovation in the most populous country in the world.

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