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Topic Reading-Vol.2206-4/26/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Aging gracefully: Preventing falls
When you become old, one thing you want to avoid is falls. As you age, your muscles decrease, and bones weaken. That means that you are more easily fall, and once you fall, you’re more likely hurt yourself. Since physical recovery is slow at best for elders, you may lose mobility and independence. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?
The good news is while aging is inevitable, falls can be preventable. Things like home safety, eye health, proper nutrition and medication all play important roles to prevent falls, and they can be done without so much difficulty or hardship. But there is another thing that needs your awareness and effort. Exercises.
Fall prevention exercises are recommended to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. For example, you lose 15% of your muscle per decade after the age of 70. Though you may not gain or maintain the entire muscle level, you can at least reduce the loss by strength training or daily activities. They sound like a weight control program, which you may not want to hear any longer when you get older. But they are in fact essential to living a life with integrity and independence.
Enjoy reading and think what you may want or try to do to age gracefully and enjoyably.

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