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Topic Reading-Vol.2205-4/25/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
More than 95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air, says new report
Education or nutrition isn’t the only health divide between the rich and the others. Unfortunately, air pollution is found to be another distinct divide for the health of people in developed and developing countries.  
According to the annual State of Global Air Report, exposure to air pollution is leading to fatal diseases, such as strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer and chronic lung disease. Also, it causes high health risks like high blood pressure, diet, and smoking. Also, nearly one in three of people around the world is found to be exposed to air pollution from solid fuels, such as wood or charcoal that are cheaper and readily available but emit unhealthy, environmentally destructive gasses. As many people in Asia and Africa still use such air-polluting fuels for cooking and heating, they are breathing polluted air both inside and outside their home.
Enjoy reading the article and think of the widening health gap between different environments.

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