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Topic Reading-Vol.2180-3/31/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How video games turn teenagers into millionaires
It’s been a while since people started creating music and sharing it with others online. The same practice has been seen in photos on Instagram and videos on YouTube. These easy-to-use online platforms have been providing chances to individuals who want to publicize their creative works. And online gaming has been following suit for the last few years.
Millions of people, mostly young, are playing online games every day, everywhere in the world. Those players are now playing not only the games that are created and sold by game companies but also the ones created and streamed by individuals. Enthusiastic online gamers can enjoy playing games all day long. But nowadays, competitive players can compete at eSports events, creative players can produce games themselves to share them on online platforms, and communicative players can stream games created by others to gamers around the world. And they can be financially rewarded. Yes, gamers can monetize their talent, effort and time online.
Enjoy reading and thinking what online platforms do for the entertainment industry.

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