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Topic Reading-Vol.1245-9/8/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
North America's tallest mountain to be renamed Denali
What to call a local icon or identity is a much more significant issue than others might think. There are places whose names were recently renamed from British ones to the original ones, Mumbai from Bombay, Chennai from Madras in India, or Chomolungma from Mount Everest in Tibet.
Now the Democrat President has renamed North America’s highest mountain known as Mount. McKinley to Denali in the state of Alaska, Republicans’ stronghold. The move was welcomed and praised by Alaskans who have been campaigning for the rename at the federal level.
No matter what people call the 6,190-meter tall mountain, the view and presence of the mountain remain unchanged.
Enjoy reading and learning about this recent renaming of Alaska’s proud mountain.

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