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Topic Reading-Vol.1263-9/26/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize
The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. It was one of the most surprising news of the year when the world most honored and respected prize was awarded to US President Barak Obama, who had just assumed the role in the beginning of the year and hadn’t done any remarkable achievement for world peace. Many thought that the committee was hoping him to play a big role to work for peace, including the reduction of nuclear weapons and promotion of nuclear nonproliferation treaties. And that assumption was confirmed by an ex-secretary of the committee who served the role for a quarter of century. He mentioned that the committee had hoped that the award would strengthen the US president to work for world peace.
It sounds proactive, an unusual step for the committee, to award someone for hope, not the achievement he or she has done over the years.
Enjoy reading and learning the insight of Nobel Committee.

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