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Topic Reading-Vol.1260-9/23/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Marine population halved since 1970 – report
More humans on the ground, more carbon dioxide in the air, and less creatures in the sea. This seems to be the case at least for the last 45 years. The extent of the decline in marine population is staggering, nearly 50% during the period according to a study conducted by the World Wildlife Foundation, or WWF.
What is going to happen for the next few decades of time when the world population is expected to grow by nearly 30% to nine billion? Also, there will be an huge increase in wealthy segment of people whose appetite for certain seafood is extremely high, such as sea cucumbers, shark fins and tuna. Some of the marine creatures may become extinct.
Enjoy reading and learning what is happening and going to happen under the water.

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