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Topic Reading-Vol.1251-9/14/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Refugee crisis: Why aren't Gulf states taking them in?
Why are they risking their lives, crossing the water or walking a long way to Europe? Are there any places waiting for them assured by their friends or relatives? Will they get a job to make their living? Do they speak the same language? Isn’t the climate there similar to theirs? Do they share the same faith? The answer is no to all these questions. But they still leave their homelands in Syria and try to settle somewhere in Europe.
The biggest and simplest question is why not the countries in Gulf, Arabian Peninsula or northern Africa? There are at least several oil-rich countries and kingdoms where there are a lot of foreign workers taking construction and service jobs. These places offer the same language and religion, similar climate and life styles and more importantly closer access to their homeland.
So far, rich countries such as Saudi, Kuwait and UAE have loosen their deep pockets a little, donating several hundred millions of dollars for humanitarian assistance, but still keep tight on their borders. What are their rationales?
Enjoy reading and learning how neighboring countries react to this historic exodus.

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