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Topic Reading-Vol.1265-9/28/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Rebalancing skewed sex ratio remains a difficult target: Govt
Is the one-child policy to be blamed? China’s gender ratio at birth is critically imbalanced. In general, a male-female ratio between 103 and 107 at birth is considered normal. But in China, the ratio is still over 115 in 2014 despite the efforts and initiatives taken by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, including the relaxed one-child policy in certain regions.
Why so? Chinese people prefer having a boy because of the social and economic factors. Also the one-child policy encouraged parents to become even more selective.
How do they realize such selection? Doctors and hospitals are helping those parents by providing illegal fetus sex identification and sex-selective abortions.
Will those newly born and growing boys be able to find their partners in the future? What will they need to find their partners, fortune, status, wealth, prospects or appearance?
Enjoy reading and thinking what is and will be China’s families like.

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