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Topic Reading-Vol.1256-9/19/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Test shows how old your body really is
How much difference is there between one’s chronological and biological ages? That seems to vary by person extensively. Researchers in the UK have developed a method to measure how fast one’s body is aging.
Some people die early and others live long, sometime over a century. Therefore, chronological age, or how long you’ve lived doesn’t seem to show how much longer you might live accurately. Also, even a healthy person, both physically and mentally, could die tomorrow by a sudden stroke or something. So health doesn’t seem to assure longevity, either. What could give more dependable prediction for aging is to compare your gene activity with sample markers. Sounds like determining a car insurance premium based on the person’s driving habit rather than his/her age, doesn’t it?
Enjoy reading and learning about this new bio-ageing measurement.

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