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Topic Reading-Vol.1249-9/12/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
NASA starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars
Six people, three men and three women, have started living in total isolation, for 365 days. They aren’t family or friends. Once thing common among them is the fact that they volunteered to put themselves to this experimental project, simulation of what the life would be like on our neighbor planet, Mars.
They are now living in a small dome without privacy or any contact with outside. When they go out, they have to wear a spacesuit. Though where they are is Hawaii, there are no green plants or live animals because the site is near the volcano in the big island. Personal conflicts are unavoidable even among those highly intelligent and motivated specialists, and that is indeed part of the experiment.
Would you be interested in taking part in such an extreme environment? Maybe with a smartphone, if it works.
Enjoy reading and imagining what the life for those brave six volunteers would be like for the next 12 months.

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