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Topic Reading-Vol.1247-9/10/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Frederick Forsyth reveals MI6 spying past
Have you read or seen any of Forsyth’s books or films? He used to be a journalist working in various places in conflicts, including Nigeria during the 1967-70 Biafran War, which killed over a million people in the battles and famine. He was asked by Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6) to provide hands-on information about what was really going on in the war region. Of course, not like the way 007 does in the films. Since then, he had had contact with the agency to give information that he gained in the other side of the iron wall during the cold war period, while having been given approvals for the sensitive contents in his books.
Some may question his authenticity or integrity as an independent journalist and writer. But he wasn’t paid for any of the information he handed nor directed what or how to write in his books.
After all, in those days, it was hard to decline such a request for the nation he belongs to and loves.
Enjoy reading about this intelligence activities of the master spy-story teller

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