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Topic Reading-Vol.1259-9/22/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Air India to ground 'fat' cabin crew
You need to be fit to fly and serve passengers on flights. That’s what Air India, the national flag carrier of India, set as a rule and has been implementing.
The question is how they define who is agile enough to serve passengers and deal with an emergency situation? That’s Body Mass Index, or B.M.I. The range the airline set is 18-25 for a male cabin crew member and 18-22 for female. So a male attendant of 170cm height can weigh as heavy as 72kg and a female of 165cm height can weigh no heavier than 60kg.
These sound normal for most of the rice-diet Asians and young Indians. But when the metabolic process slows down as one ages, the weight tends to rise beyond that normal range unless careful diet and proper exercise are taken routinely.
It is also said that the fitness of the cabin attendants mirrors the corporate image. Then what about the executives of the airline? The heavier their BMIs are, the better the corporate image are? Is ROE, Return on Equity, is the only index for them?
Enjoy reading and learning about the agility to fly.

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