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Topic Reading-Vol.1258-9/21/2015

Dear MEL School’s Topic Readers,
Journeys with germs: What are the dirtiest things on an airplane?
What do you think is the dirtiest thing around your seat on an airplane? Surprisingly, the tray table is much dirtier than the overhead air vents or seatbelt buckles, which are also as dirty as lavatory flush buttons.
A microbiologist took 26 samples from various spots in four commercial flights and five airports in the U.S. and measured the amount of bacteria per square inch. The findings are jaw dropping because the spots with more bacteria than others were the tray tables and drinking fountain buttons. Next time you drink water from a fountain in the airport, never wipe your mouth with the finger you pushed the button, or eat anything that touched the tray table.
Enjoy reading and learning what you need to pay attention on your next flight.

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