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Topic Reading-Vol.2299-7/28/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Open offices make people talk less and email more
What makes people interact more with each other in a workplace? Of course, the objective is not to have people waste their time chatting gossips or just for fun but to create more productive and innovative solutions for their tasks through interactions and collaborations.
However, according to a survey that monitored individuals’ behaviors in open offices, simply putting people in an open space seems unlikely to achieve the objectives, but rather it is distractive to individuals’ productivity. That’s because such an environment could deteriorate privacies and concentration on their work. Also, open office environment seems to make employees more defensive. That’s understandable because you may not feel secure if there are no boundaries around you.
Enjoy reading and think what the best way is to make a productive workplace, or what kind of workplace you want to work in.

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