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Topic Reading-Vol.2293-7/22/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Humanoid robot runs through the park by itself
Atlas is a bi-pedal humanoid robot developed by an American robotics company. The 1.8-meter tall robot was funded by Uncle Sam and first unveiled in 2011. It is designed for search and rescue tasks both outdoors and inside buildings. It uses multiple sensors to balance, avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation, and manipulate objects. The robot can turn 180 degrees while jumping, perform a backflip, and run across grass on an uneven terrain. If it wore clothes and disguised itself as a human athlete or soldier, it would be hardly suspected if it were a machine.
SpotMini is a small, four-legged civilian-use robot that weighs 30 kilograms including the arm. It can navigate offices, climb stairs, open doors and even fight off a human armed with a hockey stick. The robot also can pick up and carry a payload of up to 14 kilograms. This amazing robot will become on sale in 2019. Though the price tag hasn’t been announced yet, the robot seems to have received good interests from the world.
If you get an AI-speaker and one of these robots, you’ll probably be living in a world where science fiction writers had dreamed of.
Enjoy watching the video and imagine when you’ll have one of those robots in your house to do the housework for you.

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