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Topic Reading-Vol.2297-7/26/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The secret tricks hidden inside restaurant menus
Menu engineering. Indeed, some restaurant menus of large chains or prestigious restaurants are carefully engineered to present their food items more attractive and enticing. They want their diners to choose more profitable dishes, drinks, and desserts. There are many ways to serve the purpose. One typical way is to use descriptive names, such as homemade pancakes, farm-raised salmon, and freshly baked bread. Another way to enhance diners’ appetite is to use proper font types, colors, and sizes of the letters shown in the menu. For example, rounder typefaces sell more sweets while angular fonts represent salty or sour taste. Also, orange or read stimulate appetite, the favored colors by fast food chains, while green represents healthier diet. Furthermore, today’s and emerging technologies allow restaurants to create a tailor-made menu and recommendations when you visit the restaurant again.
However, if you remember the report in Vol.2232, “Why you eat more when you’re in company,” what seems to affect the most, or at least, to eat more is to have dining companions.
Enjoy reading the article and think about what stimulates your appetite the most.

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