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Topic Reading-Vol.2284-7/13/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How long could we live?
What is an appropriate question to ask about life, just how long to live or live a healthy life? Some may say as long as they can because they can’t think of dying while others say as long as they are healthy and active. Some researchers think people can live much longer, say hundreds of years. Tech investors are putting money on researches on longevity. Genetic research and engineering, advanced medical technologies and treatment, and healthier diet and lifestyle may someday prolong the lifespan by years or even decades. But in what physical, cognitive and mental conditions?
It seems that beyond technologies and treatment, there are essential factors that keep the life more enjoyable and meaningful, such as physical activities, social connection, and mental stimulation.
How long do you want to live?
Enjoy reading the text and think what would make you want to live longer.

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