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Topic Reading-Vol.2285-7/14/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How your age affects your appetite         
Do you eat only when you are hungry? Probably not. In reality, most people live to clock or schedule in modern life and they eat regularly, sometimes despite or beyond the need or appetite.
Do you eat as much as you want or only the foods you like? If you eat alone, you could choose what to or not to eat within the budget, according to the availability and by convenience.
Do you like eating alone or with others? Many people tend to eat more when they dine together because it is part of a social engagement. They take longer time to eat and as a result, they eat more. Also, when others are eating, you feel like eating too even though you’ve eaten more than enough than usual. After all, food isn’t just for energy and nutrition.
Did you eat more or less 10 years ago? People should be more cautious about food intake and balance as when they start losing muscles gradually from the 50s.
After all, while good appetite is regarded as the best sauce for food, what and how much to eat seem to be more essential to human lives. And that is likely to change as one ages.
Enjoy reading and think what your eating strategy for the next decade.

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