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Topic Reading-Vol.2274-7/3/2018

Topic Reading-Vol.2274-7/3/2018
Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Uber's Mideast rival is hiring women drivers in Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been the last country that prohibits women to drive.
It took over 80 years for women to get permission to drive but now they can get a driving license only after a 30-hour training. The demand seems to have been very high. Over 120,000 women applied for new licenses. So, businesses are trying to keep up with the booming demand, such as driving school and car companies.
And there is another one trying to lure new drivers. The peer-to-peer ride-sharing business. Careem, the Middle East's rival to Uber, is recruiting women to switch their seats. Yes, female ride-sharing drivers. It could be a good business opportunity because many women, or even some men for curiosity, may prefer riding a newly-joined female-driven car.
Will they charge a higher fee for a female driver if demand surges? Will male drivers lose their jobs?
Enjoy reading and think what other businesses might arise in the conservative kingdom.

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