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Topic Reading-Vol.2222-5/12/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Why pollen is costing Japan nearly $2 billion a year
Bad news for many and good news a few. The bad news is that many, as many as the half of the people in Japan, seemed to have suffered from pollen-induced allergies this spring when a record amount of pollen was produced especially by cedar and spread in the air. Many people tried to refrain themselves from going out. When they did, they wore a mask and glasses to minimize contact with pollen floating in the air. Even in offices, many workers suffered from the side-effect of the medicine and felt sleepy, or, felt difficulty in concentrating their work.
The good news went to the pharmaceutical industry and drug stores that sold a record number of masks and amount of allergy treatment medicine.
Why are there so many cedar trees in Japan? Why has hay fever become such a big problem?
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