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Topic Reading-Vol.2218-5/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What if all guns disappeared?
Guns could be held and used by anyone. Soldiers, militias, law-enforcement officers, hunters, and criminals. In the US, unless an adult has no criminal record or some sort of impairment, anyone can buy and own a gun, just like a car. As a result, approximately 100 people die every day by gunshot, either being shot or shooting themselves. Surprisingly, more than half of the gunshot deaths were suicides.
Should all the firearms suddenly vanished, the number of gun-caused deaths would decline accordingly? Here is a good example. Since Australian government banned and bought back assault firearms two decades ago, there has been an 80% drop in gun suicides while non-gun homicides remained about the same. Guns seem to have made more people commit suicide.
And of course, there would be a substantial reduction in the number of domestic violence, homicides, terrorism, and even police shooting if all guns disappeared. Would people then revert to old weaponry, such as spears, swords, or bows and arrows, or a rope to kill others or themselves, or would the total number of killing decline?
It seems that there’s no weapon more efficient at killing people than a gun.
Enjoy reading the article and learn a few cons and a lot of pros of eliminating firearms.

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