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Topic Reading-Vol.2239-5/29/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Does the UN mean anything to the young?
Do young people respond more frankly to surveys than adults? Are polls conducted by the UN more reliable than the ones done by governments or other institutions?
The United Nations is going to ask young people their opinions on social issues like education, family life and the Internet four times a year. A pilot survey found that there are considerable differences in common issues, such as school and family. For example, satisfaction levels to schools range between 44% and 71%. Also, while 32% of the respondents in the UK hates spending time with their family, nearly 70% of Vietnamese enjoy doing it.
The UN thinks the survey will provide a reliable, unbiased measure to compare the influences of government policies because children don't have a political filter and don’t mind telling the truth, according to the program designer.
Gathering good data is one thing, but what the next step or action is going to be?
Enjoy reading and think if this action is paternalistic or not.

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