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Topic Reading-Vol.2214-5/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Robot co-workers? 7 cool technologies changing the way we work
New technologies, such as robots, virtual reality, and AI, are emerging all over the places. For example, coworkers are robots in fulfillment centers and virtual or augmented reality helps sports players or employees to train offsite. Also, AI tools measure blood flow and muscles volume to help doctors diagnose and treat their patients. Furthermore, an AI algorithm even designs new TV commercials.
You may now be wondering if humans are served, helped or directed by these emerging technologies. Indeed, some jobs are taken over by robots or AI. Many people won’t be doing the same job as they’ve been doing for years. But isn’t this what happened when factory automation, production robots and computers replaced jobs in factories and offices?
Enjoy reading and think what skills will be essential in this ongoing industrial revolution.

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