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Topic Reading-Vol.2216-5/6/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The brain science that explains “hanger”
“hangry?” Whether you think it’s a misspelling of “hungry” or have seen or used it in your SNS, it is officially a word in the Oxford English Dictionary. It defines this blended word of “hungry” and “angry” as “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.”
In fact, people tend to become angry when their blood sugar level is low due to the rise of certain hormone and adrenaline in the body.
Do you get angry more-easily when you’re hungry? Which do you think become hangrier when they are hungry, men or women? One thing for sure it that a couple who are both hungry should eat something to prevent a nasty quarrel from happening
Enjoy reading and think which works better to control one’s temper, a counselor or a snack bar.

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