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Topic Reading-Vol.2229-5/19/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The compromises that companies make to do business in China
Though Taiwan, the Republic of China officially, is fully self-governing, People’s Republic of China regards it as part of its territory. Just like fewer and fewer countries officially recognize Taiwan as an independent state in order to keep the diplomatic relationship with and also economic aids from mainland China, businesses are also complying with the demands and restrictions that Chinese government sets. Now, a number of airlines are told not to indicate Taiwan as a separate state from China in their route maps and website. Also, tech companies are required to store important data in China instead of transferring it to their homeland for the sake of cybersecurity. There also are limits on foreign investment for joint ventures, though some of which are going to be removed.
When you are in the local market, do as what the local authorities say.
Enjoy reading and learn what you need to consider when you work with the soon-to-be the world largest economy.

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