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Topic Reading-Vol.2212-5/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
In Hawaii, being nice is the law
If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, you must have been greeted by a word, “Aloha.” This Hawaiian word literally means hello and goodbye. But it is not just a word of greeting and farewell but also a spirit of mutual regard and affection and cares to others without expecting any return.
“Aloha” is also a philosophical and fundamental concept for Hawaiians. Hawaii is such an isolated place that the islanders had had no choice but do everything themselves and collectively. Also, the space is so limited that they need to work and live in harmony, otherwise, it would become a very unpleasant and uncomfortable society.
To clarify this traditional and spiritual value as law, “Aloha Spirit” was created in 1986. Although the law is mostly symbolic and philosophical, it seems to direct a code of conduct in businesses and politics and also to the way of life.
Enjoy reading the article to learn what “Aloha” really means to Hawaiians.

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