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Topic Reading-Vol.2168-3/19/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How to build muscle as age tears it down
When people reach their 50s or 60s, most of them become physically relieved from family and/or business responsibilities. Also, people tend to become less physically active as they age. Then is the time to start rebuilding their muscles, according to the experts.
Furthermore, even if you exercise regularly, you need to do more and better just to maintain the same level of muscle and physical strength. That’s a hardship, isn’t it? But muscle loss actually begins in your 30s and accelerates in your 50s. Though it sounds depressing, the good news is that you could slow the muscle loss by exercise regularly and intensely. Sound like a fair exchange to you?
Also, more protein needs to be taken to develop new muscles, especially the one from dairy, meat or fish. This may sound a bit encouraging. How about doing some workout and taking grandchildren to MacDonald’s? No fries or sugary drink, though.
After all, healthy aging and independence are essential for anyone to enjoy their remaining years. But that fortune needs to be attained by some work.
Enjoy reading and learning what it takes to be in good shape.

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