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Topic Reading-Vol.2169-3/20/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
'We are the future' -- Students across country walk out to demand new gun laws
They want their voices heard. A month after the shooting massacre in a high school in Florida which left 17 people dead, an unprecedented number of students across the U.S. walked out of their classes, some marched to White House, asking for actions to end school shootings. At 10 am in each time zone, the National School Walkout took place for 17 minutes, each minute was dedicated for each victim of the Florida shooting. Though penalties may be imposed in some school districts, students took strides out of their classrooms to ask lawmakers to:
- Ban assault weapons;
- Require universal background checks before gun sales;
- Pass a gun violence restraining order law to disarm potentially dangerous people.
One student cited, "Change never happens without backlash." Now it is time for adults to respond to the movement. After all, it is for their children and for their future.
Enjoy reading and thinking if there was ever a day when students would march to commemorate the achievement of the movement they initiated.

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