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Topic Reading-Vol.2157-3/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Teenager's brain research could one day help Alzheimer's patients
Indrani Das. She was a senior student in high school when she was awarded the Regeneron Science Talent Search, highly respected science and math competition in the U.S. She explored how brain damage occurs by examining a process called astrogliosis. This process can produce an excess amount of toxin that could damages neurons. If the cause of brain damage is found, the process to slow or reverse it could be found. That would help people with Alzheimer’s, ALS strokes and traumatic brain injuries.
The fact that a high school student won such a prestigious award is amazing but what is more astonishing is her determination to find a way to save brain cells in disease. She is now a college freshman, researching at a children's hospital in Boston. While studying a type of supporting brain cell, she has recently enrolled in her local ambulance corps as an emergency medical technician. She wants to stay close to people who are in need of help.
By the way, there are 13 Nobel Prize winners among the alumni of the Regeneration’s award.
Will she be one of them someday? Fingers crossed.
Enjoy reading about this amazing, enthusiastic and dedicated young scientist.

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