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Topic Reading-Vol.2154-3/5/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How France cut its per capita gun ownership in half
Why can guns and ammunition be purchased and owned so easily? One justification is for leisure, like hunting animals and birds and shooting cans and clays. There is no harm, at least to humans. Another is for self-defense. And there are guns suitable for these purposes, like small pistols. However, no one is allowed to kill innocent people by assault weapons, which are designed to kill people by firing bullets like rain from distance. Then why are such weapons of mass shooting sold, purchased and owned in some countries? Do they need to defend themselves and their families from military or insurgents?
This question is never answered in the U.S., where more guns are owned than the number of residents. On the contrary, France was awakened by the 2015 terrorist’s attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded. They categorized guns by the purposes and capabilities and imposed strict controls on ownership of firearms. People seem to have awakened, too. The number of guns owned per 100 people in 2016 dropped to 15, about half of 2006.
Force awakens, or the Empire strikes back? May the decision be up to them.
Enjoy reading and think if this France’s initiative would ever help eradicate massacres in other countries, especially the U.S.A.

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