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Topic Reading-Vol.2172-3/23/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How chatbots could replace your HR department
It seems that AI is now playing some roles in HR department.
In Japan, where graduating students send their job applications to as many potential employers as they can nearly at the same time, some companies have started using AI technology to conduct an initial screening of job applications instead of having their HR department staff do the time and painstaking task. Other companies are even using AI to conduct initial job interviews with their applicants, either online or onsite. The AI interviewer converts each applicant’s answers to text, analyze the data and score it to be reviewed by HR staff. In this case, applicants are extremely eager to respond to the questions.
But what about a situation when an interviewee is reluctant or afraid to talk about a sensitive topic such as sexual harassment or discrimination in a workplace? Has AI technology become sophisticated enough to have interviewees to tell a story that could potentially affect their career opportunities within the organization? It seems so up to a certain extent as AI HR robot had become capable of using cognitive interview method, which is commonly used to interview witnesses to crimes who are also worried about their safety.
In either case, AI interviewer has nearly unlimited time and patience at any time, anywhere.
Enjoy reading and learning about what AI can help humans in sensitive issues.

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