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Topic Reading-Vol.2094-1/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
President says future starts now
Not a tweet but a New Year address. That’s what was delivered by the nation’s leader to start a new year. And it was seen, heard and read intensively by all the key members of the party, government, and military. This means that the messages are going to be repeated, interpreted and implemented in respective units across the country.
One of the key messages is to urge all Party and government officials to put people’s needs the top priority. It may sound just like one of those political greetings, but not quite so in this one-party ruled country where implementing orders blindly and achieving goals inconsiderately have been the common practices for success and protection. For example, as covered in Vol. 2082, numbers of migrant workers in Beijing were forced to vacate their rooms only by a day’s notice to clean up the area and curb the population growth. But from this year on, it seems to require careful interpretation and implementation are key to success for party and government officials.
While the daily tweets are criticized and backfired by media, political opponents, or even general public in the U.S., China’s leader is consistently working on building a stronger nation that is going to have stronger influence over the world
Enjoy reading Xi’s new year address and think what he meant to say.

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