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Topic Reading-Vol.2093-1/3/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The top 7 consumer trends from Tmall big data
During the Singles Day shopping festival, hundreds of millions of Chinese were enthusiastically touching their smartphones for shopping. There is no need to mention again the amount they spent on the day alone. Now is the time for manufacturers and service providers to plan for the next years.
There is big data available to analyze what people searched and bought. According to the data released by AliResearch, an Alibaba’s research arm, there are growing trends, especially among young Chinese people.
They no longer just want things to fill their immediate needs. They seem to have desires to enhance their lives and identities. For instance, they purchased a lot of quick but nutritious ready-to-cook foods, male cosmetics, and exercise equipment. Also, they like to buy things to take out their loved ones, such as baby carriages and dog leashes.
The data suggests that China’s middle-class market shows no difference from other matured marketplaces. But be reminded. There are nearly 380 million people there who were born in and after 1995. Huge buying power and trendsetter that could reverse-influence the world.
Enjoy reading and think how to market things in the world largest market.

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