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Topic Reading-Vol.2103-1/13/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
An illustrated guide to making better decisions
Is it really difficult to make a decision? There are times when you need to make an important decision, such as which dish to order in a restaurant, which color to paint the wall, where to go for vacation, or whether to accept a job offer or proposal of marriage. There isn’t any easy way to make such decisions because the choices are already pre-chosen, meaning you could take either option.
One way to make such critical decision is to roll dice. Another way is to think which is less important or can be waited for the next chance. Either way, you most likely struggle to get to a conclusion and may regret it. But that is just the beginning. This illustrated guide gives you a simple but essential element of making decisions. As the author-journalist says, it’s the issue of how to live up to the decision you made to make differences.
Enjoy the guide and decide if you think the tip is worth keeping in mind.

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