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Topic Reading-Vol.2092-1/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Psychology that motivates tipping
Is tipping at restaurants common in your place? If not, you may think this article is useless to read. But when you visit a place where tipping is the norm, you may want to know what the mechanism behind the custom.
Tipping or gratuity is widely customary in the U.S. Restaurant servers, taxi drivers, and hotel bellboys only to name a few. Why so? Should tip be given only when the service meets or exceeds the expectation? How much is appropriate?
No one rule applies to all. It’s all depending on the kind of service, occasion, and situation. But one thing should be remembered. Those tips are expected as part of the income of those servers. In return, the price of the menu of the restaurant or the fare of the cab is set lower than all-inclusive one.
Which price would you prefer paying, all-inclusive price, an extra service charge set by the restaurant, or a tip at your discretion?
Enjoy reading and learn about this custom.

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