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Topic Reading-Vol.2097-1/7/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What North Korean propaganda posters reveal
Are posters still an effective communication tool? Yes, at least for a recluse socialism country like North Korea where effectively no commercial message or sign is seen on streets or screens. In such colorless society, colorful posters are repeatedly seen by many people as long as they are posted. They have been used to remind people of the slogans and propaganda that the authority wants people to believe and follow for decades in North Korea. In fact, there is a dedicated art design and production facility run by the government.
The basic design concepts of these propaganda posters don’t seem to have changed much over time, particularly the characters and colors. For example, women are often shown in the topics related to labor or science. Also, red, the most favored color among communists, is used to present socialism and aggression as well as passion, while black represents enemies, such as America and Japan.
Enjoy seeing what kind of posters there are in the most secretive country and how they look.

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