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Topic Reading-Vol.3078-9/14/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn
The earth is a shared community among humans, animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, plants, fish, and insects. So, the planet's ecosystem is like a collective living organism and operates very much like the human body. If any part of the planet loses balance, it affects the whole body. However, we humans have been acting as the sole ruler of the planet and overwhelming the other creatures and territories. According to the latest study by the conservation group WWF, wildlife populations have been declining at an unprecedented pace, nearly 70% fall over 20,000 populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, and fish in the last half-century.
It seems that humans are driving in the wrong direction at a very high speed. Thus, slowing down isn’t enough to stop the destruction of the ecosystems. Deforestation, over-fishing, greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, and food supply and consumption are all to blame.
If reversing is unrealistic, we seem to need to change the direction, at least.
Along with global warming, ecosystem destruction is a clear and ongoing danger to all creatures of the planet.
Read the article and learn about the impact humans are causing on earth’s ecosystem.

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