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Topic Reading-Vol.3076-9/12/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Vibrating suit allows deaf people to 'feel' music
Music is an audible sensation or experience. You listen to or hear music through your ears, except for those who read the score and recreate the music in their brains. But what if you can’t hear anything? Is there any way for deaf people to experience music?
Yes, there is not. Though they may not experience the full content of the music, they could enjoy some part of the music through vibrations. There is a tech company in California that developed a vibrating suit for deaf people to feel music through their skin. The suit consists of 24 contact points to vibrate the pulses that were translated from audio. Though it doesn’t reproduce the music in the same way as we hear, it provides musical experience to those who can’t hear. Also, the device could be used to enhance audio, like the ones in movies.
So, someday, there will be another digital track that enables the audience to feel the movie.
Enjoy reading the article and learn about this vibrational music experience.

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