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Topic Reading-Vol.3069-9/5/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
China's war against Japanese aggression in numbers
On September 3rd, China marked the 75th Victory of War of Resistance against Japan Day. Wait a minute. The Pacific Theater of World War II ended indeed 75 years ago in 1945, but wasn’t it at noon on August 15 when Japan’s emperor radio-broadcasted an announcement of the acceptance of the terms of the Potsdam Declaration? In Japan, yes. They commemorate Memorial Day for the end of War on August 15. On the other hand, most of the allied nations set September 2 as Victory over Japan Day, or V-J Day, when the Instrument of Surrender was signed on the deck of USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. However, China decided to celebrate the victory and set three-day holidays starting on September 3, which became V-J day. Since China was then represented by Kuomintang, which later fled from the mainland and established the Republic of China in Taiwan, the same day is commemorated as V-J day in Taiwan.
Now, how the war against Japanese aggression, which put hold the Civil War, is figured in China?
Read the facts and figures about China’s version of their war against Japan’s aggression

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