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Topic Reading-Vol.3066-9/2/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How algorithms keep workers in the dark
The management team is supposed to provide answers to the questions by their employees as to how they made certain decisions or instructions. However, as the use of AI algorithms become more popular among all businesses, from financial investment to delivery routes, there is an increasing number of unanswered questions among front-line workers. For example, pickers at a shipping facility are set their walk pace and food delivery drivers are allocated and evaluated their jobs. Algorithms are even used in the employment process, where no one knows why someone was rated higher or lower than other candidates.
So, while algorithms become more powerful and influential, are they flawless or dependable? Fundamentally, they could be biased depending on the inputs and learning. Also, they could create a power imbalance between algorithm management and workers. Indeed, algorithms are like a black box as no one knows what’s inside and it is nearly impenetrable.
As algorithms become smarter by machine learning, humans may need to learn about machines.
Enjoy reading the article and think about what could make humans outsmart AI algorithms.

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